BEE the Change

970172_10151941566901324_7809360038521488933_nIn honor of Earth Week, ACA teamed up with Arlington’s Whole Foods to talk about the health of our earth, natural processes, like pollination and how we can help.  Together, we came up with the art installation, Bee the Change, which is on view at the Arlington Whole Foods on Mass Ave.



During our week long Vacation Arts Camp in April, our team of campers and staff made bees from recycled materials.  We used paper tubes, posters and old advertisements donated by Whole Foods.  We also reused their banners and painted signs to to display in the store.



IMG_2606All totaled, our campers made over 150 bees of all sizes and designs. Different age groups of kids contributed different aspects of the project, from cutting out the wings to drawing the faces.   The project was overseen and organized by our Counselors in Training, who helped install the artwork at Whole Foods.

The result is a beautiful swarm of friendly bees hanging over the café at the Mass Ave Whole Foods!  Be sure to check them out next time you are in the area!

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Friday Night Teen Clubhouse @ ACA

Friday night, and nothing for your teen to do?
How many times parents have heard that complaint! 

Now there’s a great option at the Arlington Center for the Arts – the “Friday Night Teen Clubhouse” – a place for creative teens to connect, socialize and be creative in a safe and fun atmosphere, led by two Arlington High School graduates who remember what it was like to be a teen in Arlington looking for a place to fit in and hang out with other creative teens.

looking for something fun for teens on Friday Nights? Join the Friday Night Teen Clubhouse at ACA!

The Teen Clubhouse meets on Friday evenings, with new sessions beginning in the Fall, Winter and Spring, with separate groups for middle school students and high school students.    The cost is $110 for eight weeks, or $95 for ACA members.  Pre-registration is required, and teens must sign up for the full eight weeks (no drop-in option).

The middle school Teen Clubhouse runs from 6:00-8:00, led by Chris Legare,  an AHS graduate who has since earned his BA from Mass College of Art.  Chris is a long-time teacher of arts and animation at ACA.  For the middle school group, Chris plans on starting each Friday night with a guided lesson exploring mediums such as charcoal drawing, animation, stenciling, graphic arts, painting, installation art, sculpting and more. The second hour of each class will be dedicated to open studio time where students can continue on with the guided lesson, work independently or in groups on their own projects, socialize, and just unwind, have fun, and make new friends.

Chris Legare (on left, in red) will work with the middle school group in this fall’s Teen Clubhouse. Chris is known for his imaginative projects – everything from animation to street art to photography and more!

The high school Teen Clubhouse runs from 6:30-8:30, led by Brian Biciocchi, also an AHS graduate and long-time leader of ACA’s Counselor in Training program.  Known for his fun-loving and compassionate style, Brian is planning to make the high school clubhouse “a fun, social space to be creative and feel supported.”  Teens will pursue their own self-motivated projects and be encouraged to explore their own artistic motivations and produce works of their own design and planning.   An array of materials will be provided as well as a fun-loving, “it’s-a-friday-night” atmosphere with music and plenty of time to socialize and make new friendships (or strengthen old ones).

Brian Biciocchi will lead the high school group in this Fall’s Teen Clubhouse. Brian is known for his outrageous good fun and ability to connect with teens.

To learn more or to register for the Friday Night Teen Clubhouse, visit or call the Arlington Center for the Arts (781) 648-6220.

Video Blog: Recycled & Altered Books

You’ll never believe what you can do with old books!
Diem Dangers will lead you on an amazing journey, transforming old books into stunningly beautiful and meaningful visual journals…

Next offered:
“Recycled Books” with Diem Dangers
Fall, 2012:  4 Tuesdays, 3:00-4:30pm, ages 11-16
You can register online
or call the Arlington Center for the Arts (781) 648-6220